300 words Paragraph on If I were The Principal of my School


Here we are with a Paragraph on If I were The Principal of my School describing what I will do if I become the principle of my school or any other school for its progress and overall growth. Read about Paragraph on If I were The Principal of my School.

Paragraph on If I were The Principal of my School

If I were the principal of my school I would like do a lot for it. First of all I will prepare myself for this responsible seat and get knowledge accordingly so that I can fulfill my responsibility properly. Suppose, if I become the principal of my school, I would do as much as I could for the good of the school. First of all I will make my school an inspiration for whole education system in terms of education and discipline. Both students and teachers have to follow the rules and regulations. Any noise or silly demand will be tolerated.

I will encourage extra curricular activities. Make sports activities mandatory. Every student would have to do physical exercises or yoga for a short time and game facilities should be provide to all. I also promote cultural programs like drama, dance, debate competition etc. in my school. I know that character makes a person worthy. Students will be helped to build their character through ethical education. They will be taught their duties and loyalty to each other. They will also be given vocational education for a bright future. I will do everything for the glory of the school.

There will be a great library in my school filled with good books and magazines. Interesting and important news of the day will be written on the main blackboard. Canteen will provide clean and healthy food at reasonable prices to the students as well as teachers. If I become the Principal of my school, then I will try as much as possible for the benefit of the students and teachers. I hope that one day my dream will definitely come true. Of course I will do every effort to make my school ideal.

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