3 Types Of Travel You Can Enjoy In Italy


3 Types Of Travel You Can Enjoy In Italy

The scenic landscape, rich history and delicious food of Italy makes it one of the fascinating travel destinations on the planet. There are in fact a number of different ways to enjoy all the country has to offer. You can choose from a wide range of specialised tour packages to Italy that can be customised according to your interests. Here are some of the types of travel you can enjoy in Italy:

Honeymoon Packages:

Italy is one of the most romantic places on the planet. From its cosy al fresco cafes, wide piazzas, canal gondola rides in the moonlight and more, it is an amazing destination to go on honeymoon. Allowing you to go far beyond shopping and sightseeing, the country is a treasure trove of incredibly romantic experiences. Of course, you don’t need to be newlyweds to enjoy the romance in the air. The country is perfect for a couple’s getaway as well. You’ll love it for your first honeymoon and won’t be able to wait to recreate the magic in every trip here.

Culinary Tours:

Anyone who has ever sampled Italian cuisine instantly becomes a fan. Perhaps it is the use of simple and fresh ingredients, or a heavy helping of cream and cheese. Whatever the reason, Italian food smells and tastes absolutely divine. And where else to sample the most authentic Italian cuisine, than the birthplace of your favourite dishes? Culinary tours are an amazing way to travel to the most famous regions in the country, following your taste buds’ whims and fancies. Customised Italy tour packages allow you to enjoy a smorgasbord of culinary experiences, from shopping in local markets to feasting on local specialities and even a cooking class or two.

Cultural & Historical Explorations:

Italy is blessed with a very distinct culture and an immensely rich history. The country is dotted with some of the most famous monuments in the world. From art to architecture, you will find yourself head over heels in love with the beautiful buildings, museums and galleries at your disposal. Cultural and historical sightseeing tours are always included in all Italy Tour Packages, so make sure that you make the most of them. Apart from historical structures, you don’t miss a chance to observe and imbibe the ‘La Dolce Vita’ or ‘the good life’ vibe from the Italians. You’ll surely learn to kick back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life such as good food, great wine, family and friends while in Italy.

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