25+ Different Ways of Saying “This shows”


Do you want to learn how to say “This shows” in different ways? This post can help you learn about it.  In our daily life, at least one time, we have to use “This shows” in conversation, letter writing or in teaching.  But saying same sentences can bore people.  Using the following other ways can impress your audience.  The PDF is available below to download.  It contains about 25+ words with examples.

Words on the chart: Demonstrates, Illustrates, Proves, Displays, Reveals, Describes, Highlights, Defines, Illuminates, Clarifies, Exemplifies, Portrays, Emphasises, Encapsulates, Connotes, Depicts, Suggests, Points out, Explains, Confirms, Indicates, Outlines, Exhibits, Establishes, Presents, Points to, Validates, conveys.

Download: 25+ Different Ways of Saying “This shows”

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