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International Disability Day

International Disability Day : The International Day of People with Disability is also called the Disability Day. It is observed on December 3rd every year. The aim is to raise awareness around the world for better understanding of persons with...


Best Asian Travel Photography Books

China was the largest and most advanced economy on earth for much of recorded history, until the British Empire (excluding India) overtook it in the mid 19th century. Japan has had for only several decades after WW2 the largest economy in Asia and...


Place Value Worksheet – Freebie

We have created a freebie for Place Value. Please check this site and Place Value Worksheet download. Kindly give rating and comment. It can help me a lot to do more things in future. The post Place Value Worksheet – Freebie appeared...


Farmers – The Pillar of India

4 Lines – Farmers – The Pillar of India: Farmers are the backbone of a country Without farmers, a nation would become lifeless A farmer is the biggest asset of any nation Indian Farmers are working hard each and every day for our daily food 4...


Odyssey by Homer

The Odyssey is a Greek epic poem written by Homer. It was said to have been published around the 7th century B.C. The story centers on the life of the Greek hero, Odysseus. The poem pertains to the Green society and their social, economic, and...


Essay on Newspaper importance and role in society

Here we with 300 words Essay on Newspaper importance and role in society describing about the importance of newspaper in our day to day life to keep updated ourselves. Read about Essay on Newspaper importance. Essay on Newspaper importance and role...


ASmallOrange Olympic Sale 2016 : 65% Off Exclusive

ASmallOrange Olympic Sale 2016 : 65% Off Exclusive ASmallOrange Olympic Sale 2016 ASO Olympic Sale 2016  Celebrating the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, A Small Orange is going to put hosting plans on a big sale all month of August long – up to 65%...

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