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El Nino

El Nino : El Niño is a climate cycle that occurs in the Pacific Ocean This cycle happens along with a global impact on weather pattern El Nino occurs during the months of December and January During this event, ocean temperatures and rainfall from...


Importance of Forests: Why is it Important to Protect Them?

The population boom and absolute poverty continue to plague the development and progress of India. Rapid industrialization and increasing urbanization pose a severe threat to flora and fauna of the Earth and its environment. There is a pressing need...


Is it Time to Go For Jio?

Is it Time to Go For Jio? Using a mobile phone for all your domestic/commercial purposes? Are you hunted well by the service providers in the name of: Data Packs? SMS Packs? Talk times? Roaming Charges? Rate Cutters? And.. much more.. Are we really...


Why should we protect Our Environment

Why should we protect Our Environment : The earth we live in is the only option for all living things on earth Our environment gives us a lot of things to live mainly air, land and water It is not only enough to use the resources but we should...


Becoming a Scientist is My Ambition

Becoming a Scientist is My Ambition : My aim in life is to become a scientist My role model is our Former President Abdul Kalam I want to achieve something in life Creating a revolution in Science is my greatest ambition in life My parents support...


Importance of teamwork: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Behind every single great product is one great team. As in a game of soccer, teammates are seen passing to each other for finding a perfect shot, every player in the team plays a meaningful and specific role. Instilling workers with a sense of...


Google offers YouTube copyright support

YouTube owner Google says it will help fund up to $1m (£650,000) in legal fees for some content creators who have received copyright takedown notices. It will step in if it feels their material is considered to be fair use. However the firm...


Why is the Sky Blue?

Why is the Sky Blue? Ever wondered looking at the sky why it seems to be blue in color most of the times? The reason may be simple but surprisingly interesting. Let us know why the sky is blue in color and what is the science behind it? Usually, a...

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