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Letter to motherland or country

My Dear country
30 July 2018

Hello Dear Motherland

How are you, after so long I thought of you and decided to write a letter today to ask how are you doing and about your progress? I hope you are doing well and progressing by leaps and bounds. I still remember that day when I first met with you, you looked very happy, surrounded by greenery, having rich flora fauna, filled with sweet rivers, you had everything that could see only smiling faces on your side. I should appreciate that the journey of 70 years as Independent India has been very exciting and we have set the example of the longest-running democracy in the world. I know that today you are surrounded by many problems, which are certainly the result of our mistakes. But it is also true that despite all negative and political tensions, you are still standing as a strong nation.

I have appreciated all your wonderful achievements in the past few decades and remembering those moments I feel very proud when you gave me the opportunity to say ‘Indian’ to myself. As the first nation to find water on the moon, successfully launch 104 satellites in the same mission, the only nation to reach Mars in the first attempt you have received praise everywhere. Today, the talented people coming out of your protection are illuminating your name throughout the world. You are developing day by day and helping other small nations to grow. Today people across the world visit you to see your beauty and the resources you have. You are becoming the Yoga guru teaching everyone to stay healthy and eat healthy.

I know the circumstances are not like before, you have been suffer a lot. Many problems like corruption, terrorism, female feticide, unemployment, inflation etc. making you depressed in spite having all the resources you have. You are constantly worried about the incidents of increasing crime. At one time you were known as gold bird, but today you are known for scams, black money collection and increasing crimes which makes me really sad and worried too. I know that you also feel very sad but my dear country, never lose courage. As everyone knows, time is not always the same. Today’s young generation is standing up for your honour. And despite all the problems, I promise that we will remain together, fight with all odds bravely and continue to move forward for a better you and myself.

In the end, I just want to tell that you always keep going on the path of progress and recognize yourself as a world power. At the same time, I want to convince you that I will always be working in your service and will continue to be involved in your progress with my whole and soul.

Your Well Wisher
Pujit Singh

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Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes : Spiritual Message By Pramukh Swami Bapa

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Quotes By Pramukh Swami Maharaj

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes : Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the fifth spiritual successor of Swaminarayan, was born as Shantilal Patel on December 7, 1921, inGujarat’s Chansad village to Motibhai and Diwaliben Patel. Shantilal’s parents were disciples of Shastriji Maharaj and part of the Akshar Purushottam religious order.

The Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) describes itself as a “socio-spiritual Hindu organisation with its roots in the Vedas”. According to the BAPS, the organisation “was revealed by Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781-1830) in the late 18th century and established in 1907 by Shastriji Maharaj (1865-1951)”. It was founded “on the pillars of practical spirituality” and reaches out “far and wide to address the spiritual, moral and social challenges and issues we face in our world”. Today We are going to share some Quotes by Pramukh Swami Maharaj .

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

” Our life is only worth while if we do good deeds and walk the path towards God. ”
– Pramukh Swami Maharaj

” Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain,        muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This      is   the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.”

” You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.”

” Love for the body induces one to seek pleasures in worldly objects; that is kam. Today, you will notice that the entire world strives to attain such pleasures. Whereas the scriptures say, that if one can love God as much as one loves his body, in effect, diverting love from the body towards God, then kam becomes prem. “

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Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quote

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Message

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes


Pramukh Swami Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

Pramukh Swami Maharaj Quotes

As Pramukh Swami Maharaj, spiritual guru and head of Swaminarayan sect, passed away on Saturday evening, political leaders cutting across party lines and other spiritual heads mourned his death by expressing condolences on Twitter. The spiritual leader who is also the head of Bochasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Sansthan (BAPS) died at 95 in Sarangpur after suffering from a lung infection. We are sharing these quotes by pramukh swami in remembrance of swami bapa.

What is Coral Bleaching?

What is Coral Bleaching?

Coral is actually an ocean creature. Coral reefs are beauty of the planet. However, due to the climate change and global warming, these coral reefs are in trouble. Corals are very fragile ocean animals that build a shell around itself. They live in harmony with a certain algae. These colorful algae and coral form a perfect ecosystem.

How Coral and Algae live together?

The Corals and Algae depend on each other to survive. The algae make food of its own in presence of sunlight and chlorophyll. This process is called photosynthesis through which the plants convert light energy into chemical energy to store energy in the form of starch. The food is shared by the coral, and in turn, the coral provides algae a safe place to live. The algae also give the coral its beautiful colors but without them, corals start losing its color and die. Both corals and algae live in clean shallow waters where the sun shines brightly. On the other hand, fishes love coral reefs for its nooks and crannies that form hiding place for them.

How climate change disrupts the coral ecosystem?

This beautiful sea ecosystem is getting disrupted by the climate change. When the CO2 emission increases in the atmosphere, the ocean water turns too warm. As a result, the algae could not carry out the photosynthesis process in very warm water. Eventually, the coral gets stressed because of lack of food. Finally, the algae die or the stressed coral spits it out. When either of this happens, the coral starts becoming weak and loses its colorful food sources. As soon as the relationship between coral and algae breaks, the coral starts to fade and remains white and pale. This phenomenon is called coral bleaching. Coral bleaching makes the coral vulnerable and susceptible to disease, eventually makes it die.

When coral bleaching happens in a grand scale, it causes the coral reefs to get extinct soon in many places around the world. Surviving a bleaching event is possible for coral. If the stress-caused coral bleaching is not severe, the coral can recover soon. But if the algae loss and stress continues for a prolonged time, the coral eventually dies.

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Importance of Art for Kid’s Life: Why is it Good for Your Kid?

Children are naturally fond of art; such as painting, singing, drawing, acting, etc. However, when schools curtail their annual budgets, the arts are always at the receiving end and typically are the first to bear the blows. It seems that the significance of art in shaping a child’s brain is not appreciated by the schools.

Researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) have discovered a compelling association between childhood engagement in one or more creative arts disciplines and measurable or quantifiable success later in one’s life. Kids who were introduced to a large number of arts and crafts lessons were to invent patent-worthy unique innovations, come up with potential business ideas that are good enough to receive capital investments or publish thought-provoking papers on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects with a higher likelihood. The study suggested that kids introduced to arts and crafts activities have the ability to think differently, i.e., out of the box; for the reason that a lot of engagement with hands necessarily means chalking out feasible solutions in a creative fashion for any given definite problem. After studying a wide number of scientists, co-authors Michèle and Robert Root-Bernstein concluded, the most innovative and eminent among the practitioners of science are pretty much likely to involve in avocations like the arts and crafts are in comparison with the average Joe.

Arts appreciation and education are also beneficial for young people, as such activities render many positive effects on their brains. Researchers at University of Kansas (UoK) found in a study, learners who were selected for a visit to the museum exhibited stronger critical thinking abilities, demonstrated higher amount of social tolerance, displayed superior historical empathy, and developed a likeness and taste for cultural institutions and art museums.

Also, exposure to humanities and the arts is one great way to nurture creativity in kids.

Top benefits of art appreciation

Art Promotes Creativity

The out of the box approach of one’s thought process, and the unique ability to fuse two unrelated ideas in a whole new way can be rightly summarized in just one word – creativity!

All kinds of breakthroughs and solutions to critical problems are associated with creativity. And ingenuity is crucial to the success of all the kids. The unique ability to be original is vital to maintaining this world’s well-being, now as much as never before, as people continue to face pressing challenges; such as global warming, racial discord, and mass extinctions. Concerned individuals, organizations, and the governments worldwide are seeking innovative answers every passing day. The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) states; research suggests that exposure to arts helps a child to hone an extraordinary set of skills to remain original, think in a creative fashion, innovate, discover, and produce intellectual property; most significant pre-requisites for social prosperity and individual success in the present era.

Art helps to encourage neural connections

Art is one such activity that can put to work all the senses; namely, sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell; depending on the very nature of the given task. The synapses inside a child’s brain fire away when they choose to experiment and create, mixing paints and materials, squishing water color between their fingers, or drawing from what they are visualizing or their imagination.

Art aids in developing fine motor skills

Gripping a fine brush, drawing lines and dots, mixing paints, using a scissor, squeezing a bottle of gum or gliding a glue stick, tearing paper, kneading and rolling the play-dough; all these activities need increasing amounts of coordination and dexterity. Nonetheless, they are such funny and rewarding that kids want to perform those tasks again and again. And as they participate in art exercises over time, the fine motor skills of those children improve.

Scribbling acts as a precursor to writing

Babies and also toddlers start by scribbling back and forth, i.e., randomly. The more they do so, the better they are capable of controlling the crayon as well as its motion across the sheet.  As kids learn to fine-tune their scribbling, they draw more different types of shapes, eventually creating all the forms required for writing all the letters of any given alphabet.

Art hones problem-solving skills

Process-oriented and open-ended art is essentially an endless opportunity to make choices, arriving at conclusions, double-guessing decisions, and evaluating outcomes. Kids become flexible thinkers and learn to manage uncertainty more comfortably, which is vital for fostering creativity and confidence. And the more they are exposed to a variety of techniques and materials, the more likely those children are to experiment with new ideas and combinations.

Art helps children understand themselves as well as their very own universe

Kids ingest phenomenal amounts of first-hand knowledge and new information; and furthermore; they require to analyze what they have imbibed in a secure, reflective way. The art supplies offer a safe exit route for emotions and art itself allows the children to discover feelings and manage the complex sequence of day-to-day as well as significant events. Ideas and feelings can be down-sampled to a manageable volume and altered as desired. Image, line, color, movement, and imagination; all of them encourage kids to speak for themselves in such a manner that can be aptly called as being multidimensional, a manner that mere words are incapable of doing such feats, or that could very well be more comfy for the children than bare naked words.

When kids are encouraged to discover art, they are encouraged to master and govern themselves, their bodies, and also a plethora of techniques and tools. The parents and the teachers can offer the children a wide variety of procedures to express themselves; they can provide the kids with such an atmosphere that is conducive enough for creation and experimentation, where questions are appreciated and encouraged, the place where those ignited young souls will have unrestricted access to all the staff they require and enjoy. The father, the mother, and the educator should clearly remember; they will not be doing this to produce art professionals, but to raise offspring who are self-assured and at ease with their gift of creativity, in whatever way it takes.

Art helps children relate and associate

Art is a perfect equalizer that helps to build a melting pot for kids who are not familiar with each other and also who do not share a common interest. It can encourage people of all abilities, races, ages, and even languages to engage in a collaborative activity and a commendable manner. The top-secret recipe of an art-oriented life involves a few uncomplicated tools, an open mind, a little bit of preparation and planning, and also an analytical approach; all of them blended in appropriate quantities.


The various kinds of arts and crafts activities parents can plan for their kids are based on many factors including their interests, attention span, and also learning requirements; the areas where they are supposed to concentrate more. Nonetheless, it is vital to expose the child to various projects of arts and crafts, which can impart a multitude of skills and ensure one’s balanced development in the formative years.

Summer workshops and short-term courses in baking, photography, making cards for others, drawing, painting, arranging flowers, scrapbooking, and sewing is worth considering, and every child should give all or at least some of them a try.

Each of the activities mentioned above calls for the exercise of various motor skills, and thus, allows the kid to be more self-dependent; as one learns to perform such tasks without taking any assistance from the peers and others as well.

The underlying objective of each project is to develop the kid’s feelings, the thought process, and also their coordination skills. The parents are supposed to offer guidance and lead the child by example in the very beginning. But, eventually, they should allow the kid to finish the project without seeking any help from them or any other person; as it will inculcate the young learner with a spirit of independence accompanied by a real sense of pride and also the joy of doing things on their own.

Importance of importance freedom expression: Why is it the Core Essence of Any Civil Society

The significance of freedom of expression or freedom of speech (both will be used interchangeably throughout today’s discussion) as a valuable and fundamental aspect of any democratic society cannot be downplayed. One of the hurdles that can be rightly experienced by the intelligentsia, while discussing the nuances of free and uncensored expression, is that it includes the paradoxical component too. The classical elucidation of this paradox of freedom was lucidly illustrated by noted English philosopher John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) in the historic essay named On Liberty:

… there ought to exist the fullest liberty of professing and discussing, as a matter of ethical conviction, any doctrine, however immoral it might be considered.

To put it in another way; unless the opponents of freedom have the liberties they are eager to misuse, then the essence of what people ultimately represent is denied, and so are no holier than those individuals to whom they are opposed.

Famous French philosopher Voltaire (1694-1778) beautifully paraphrased this discourse:

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

The corollary states that the words and the actions of those who are opposing freedom of speech must be exhaustively examined in public debates; and precisely this is where the proponents of a utopian society, which does not restrict anything and everything expressed by an individual, happens to fail miserably.

Freedom of expression can be regarded as the sine qua non of a liberal society; and on a more pragmatic or practical space, it fulfills many objectives, the most crucial ones will soon be touched upon.

Importance of freedom of expression

Safeguards values, ideas, morals, ethics, etc.

Freedom of expression offers a baseline, impeccable support for the candidacy of any single idea as well as all of them. And in order to genuinely admire the defense of these beliefs, one has to think of a time when people never had them. During The Great Terror (1936-1938), also known as The Great Purge, all voices of dissent from the citizens of former Soviet Russia were suppressed mercilessly. From death camps to purges, anyone who dared to disagree with Stalin was promptly silenced and brutally punished.

By virtue of freedom of speech, one need not succumb to this fear. A person can criticise the government in power and its actors. Freedom of expression provides an individual with the proverbial podium to share one’s views and opinions; no matter how much controversial, offensive or preposterous they may sound; to anybody and everybody keen to listen. Free speech gives everyone a priceless chance to not live in a state of constant fear; being afraid of persecution for the very ideas, ethics, values, morals, or any given belief system they espouse. And subsequently, it allows other people to argue and bust any beliefs, which may be construed as nefarious or illogical.

Shields from government tyranny

Freedom of expression prevents the government from silencing the views of opposition and suppressing the tones of disagreement. With the help of this democratic instrument, members of the civil society can publicly debate about all the things the people in power do, and that the citizens choose not to agree with. People living in a free society can truly afford to point out when the ruling government resorts to falsehoods.

The ordinary people were indoctrinated with a system of beliefs since the ages of early schooling in Mao’s China. They never were introduced to alternative viewpoints, and that is why never were capable of challenging the narratives of the then government. From Mao to Xi Jinping, nothing changed really, and this tradition of evil indoctrination continues to be in practice in the twenty-first century’s People’s Republic of China.

However, a free society will never allow this to happen. For instance; a person questioning the authenticity of the teaching material provided by the government could quickly look up all the necessary information by accessing the internet and can spot the errors if any. Hence, they will be able to discern that the people in power are also human, may not be honest or sound all the times on specific topics, and they are not without their fair share of limitation and fault.

Now, it would have really been incredibly difficult to implement in a society that restricts the freedom of thought through censoring certain websites, such as that of aforementioned China, a country particularly infamous for interfering with the free functioning of the information super-highway.

Right to stay silent and not get involved

One of the less-talked advantages of freedom of expression is the liberty not to speak. In a nation like authoritarian North Korea; all citizens must praise and speak for the government, and if they fail to abide, nobody hears them again. But freedom of speech saves one from being vacuumed into an involuntary conversion program, and anybody can afford to be actively vocal against it.

Right to question and refute bad ideas

The beliefs and ideas preached and followed by some fringe elements in the human society, such as the Genesis-believing radical Christians and the white supremacists, those with a political ideology that is so unapologetically far-left; are controversial, terrifying, or outright evil. These minority groups can appear daunting, and one might envisage that it is not fair that they too are offered a platform to talk.

However, there is an inherent advantage with this approach. As those elements are being allowed to speak; one can view their arguments, tactics, and the fallacies as well. Now, those beliefs can be isolated and dissected, only to substantiate that they are irrational or unjust.

In the absence of an environment favoring free voice, anyone having a dissenting opinion or thought could very well become radicalized; because their belief structures are never subjected to open debates. And it would potentially result in a lot of polarization for sure. Hence, it is much wise to elaborately know the cases of one’s enemies, which can be gathered through the unobstructed discourse of free expression. That way; when an individual does require to prove it wrong; that person will be having all the pre-requisite facts, information, and logical connections that are going to validate one’s case.

Freedom of speech permits the crème de la crème of the society to discover the flaws and aberrations in the weakest instances of beliefs of that very society. Those faulty belief sets can then only be segregated and entirely debunked, thus, leaving the enemies with a significantly weaker platform to propagate their agenda any further. It reduces the likelihood of other people absorbing those wrong beliefs and spreading them soon thereafter. And it can be performed for any sensitive opinion. It need not be monitored, as freedom of expression does an excellent task of promoting only the very best of ideas while discarding the rest.

Freedom of expression also offers an entire gamut of ideas to select from. People are not restricted to a short list of staff that is permitted to be thought. Any individual can research and choose any idea! And one need not have to comply with a rigid political platform. The civilians can include views from all such sources. A person can even conceive or conceptualize anything remotely intrinsic and original before subjecting it to rigorous testing.

Right to amend the record

Freedom of expression also allows people to update factually incorrect information. For instance, when a people’s representative in the arena of politics says anything someone disagrees with, one can research on the World Wide Web, and discover what is right. One need not blindly believe what a political candidate has to say and can always mine the raw data for reference and review. This hypothetical scenario can be extrapolated to other possible test cases also and can be held true for any as well as all kinds of communication.

If anyone, even a government official, says anything that is not correct; one can instantly retaliate with knowledge. The ability to deny can be attributed to the protection of freedom of expression. And the wealth of first-hand, mined information is contributed by the open-ended discourse that freedom of speech allows.


The single most significant aspect of a broad-minded, open, and candid society is freedom of expression. It offers a multitude of legal protections and privileges for people from any social strata and provides the civilization with a steady supply of free thinkers to save the dying breed of humanity.

It allows unjustified claims and rogue beliefs to be painstakingly dismantled so that none are misguided by them. Also, it permits people to remain silent on issues they do not want to get engaged with, from an ethical or moral standpoint.

Freedom of speech offers every single person the inspiration, encouragement, and also the ability to argue all belief sets. Every other human right is derived from it. And for this very reason the matter of freely expressing oneself, which was vigorously contended for so many centuries, continues to remain such an imperative subject in the contemporary society.

Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.

John Milton

Describe your idea of a perfect home

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 356 with Model Answer:

Describe your idea of a perfect home.

You should say:

  • where it would be
  • how big it would be
  • what it will look like

and explain why it would be the perfect home for you.

will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one
minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes
to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to let me talk about a house that I deem perfect for me. Well, I love nature and want my home close to nature. It should be out of the city crowd and nature should embrace the entire home. A lonely place is desired for the home – far away from the city life. The home should be near to any lake or river. The mountainous region is also preferred for my home. 

The home should be moderate in size and shape. There should be two bedrooms with ample space. It should also come with a kitchen and two spacious bathrooms. I would like to utilize the natural light. So, the ventilation system needs to be quite good. The door and windows will be made of wide enough to allow the sunlight.

Honestly, I am not a fashionable man. And this is reflected in everywhere. The similarity is here also. I do not want my home to look like something extraordinary. The outlook will be simple but the inner decoration needs to be gorgeous. I will have minimum furniture. And obviously, it should be a single storied house with a garden in front of it. It would be a plus if the house faces south.

If I can manage everything together, it would be a perfect home for me. I love to live with nature. It helps to get a pleasant feeling. The spacious home will allow me to move freely inside the home and the garden before the house will help to get fresh fruits and vegetables. I will spend time under the tree shades and read books. Life would be enjoyable. Based on the reasons, it would be a complete home for me.

My favorite Bird – Pigeon

My favorite Bird – Pigeon :

  • The Pigeon is a beautiful and lovely bird
  • I love Pigeon a lot; my favorite bird is pigeon
  • Pigeons live in nests that are made of sticks
  • Near my home, we have a Pigeon Nest
  • I give those birds cereals,lettuce and berries daily

My favorite Bird – Pigeon : (Short Essay)

I am a nature lover and I love birds a lot. Among all the birds, I love Pigeon a lot. Pigeons are one of the most beautiful creations of God. I have always admired the bird since they are one of the social beings that that live in groups and move around in flocks. They are very soft in nature that do not disturb other animals or humans. They just feed on the food in the ground and make a living of their own. Pigeons are birds that have been close to man since historical times. If we are aware that Pigeons were man’s post man once upon a time this fact would be agreed easily. They have such a homing ability; they can carry messages to a far away place and return back to the same place where they started.

My favorite Bird – Pigeon : (Brief Essay)

Pigeons are one of the prettiest birds in the world and my favorite bird is pigeon. The facts that  I learned about Pigeons are really amazing and few of them are:

  • Pigeons are intelligent birds. They can identify them on the mirror
  • They can identify the same person on 2 different images
  • Pigeons can easily detect distant storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since they have a very sharp sense of hearing
  • Pigeons can carry messages to distant places and they were used as messengers during many wars

I have a pigeon as a pet in my home and she always moves around me. Her name is Whity. My love on birds once urged me to buy a pigeon from a pet shop. Pigeons are very lovable birds and every morning I see her joining a flock of her species.

What I love about my little Whity is her stout-body and cute walk when she feeds around her food. Pigeons generally eat seeds, cereals, lettuce, watercress, berries, apple, pears, etc. I give Whity apple, pear, cereals and seeds daily. I love to see her feed on them by bending her short neck and poke on the food with her fleshy beak.

Though I tamed her to be with me, she loves to live in a nest. So I let   her have a nest in our garden. Like other pigeons, Whity also built her nest with small twigs. As a pigeon fancier, I love to have a few more pigeons in my home. Once I am all set with Whity, I will buy more pigeons from the pet shop near our house.

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Importance of English language: Why You Should Start Learning English Today?

When grown-ups ponder over the reasons why they should devote time and energy to imbibing foreign language skills, experts and teachers typically concentrate on various advantages that are most often practical or social; for instance, better employment opportunities, frequent and better raises at workplace, comprehending the already known world in a broader sense, more confidence when travelling to unexplored foreign shores and immersing in new cultures, meeting people from far-flung countries, using the social networks more efficiently, etc.

However, not much is talked about the most significant incentive that the activity of mastering a foreign language offers.

Recent studies have substantiated that communicating in multiple languages can keep the human brain healthy for extended periods and even improves its functioning. When a person makes several constructive attempts acquiring foreign language skills; that complicated cognitive process creates new neural connections and makes the existing ones stronger; the ones responsible for thought, memory, language, and consciousness; producing a host of benefits.

Keeps the brain sharp

Acquiring any language keeps the brain challenged and active. It alters the level of electrical activity and its size when a person is trying to master a new language. The so many advantages of learning a foreign language like English can be reaped at any age. However, one must remember to put an extra amount of effort to be conversant in such a complex language.

The origin of the queen’s language can be successfully traced back to German, French, and Latin. Hence, it will be comparatively easier for native speakers of these languages to master the art of English learning. On the contrary, native speakers from Japan could face more difficulties while taking lessons in this language, as the sounds its syllables will be mostly unfamiliar to them. Additionally, a language like English has several dialects spoken across the world. The case of aluminum can indeed be considered, to put things into perspective! There are many words like aluminum that can be found in this language, which are pronounced differently by native speakers of the USA and the UK. Hence, English is the first and most obvious choice for anyone toying with the idea of developing mental muscles.

Improves concentration

Recent studies in the research past confirmed the superiority of bilingual brains over their monolingual cousins when it comes to focus and attention. The researchers found substantial evidence that seemingly proved the relation between improved concentration skills and the lifelong effort of switching languages.

The improved focus is the outcome of a two-pronged approach most likely. For successfully learning an entirely new language, an individual must pay attention to one’s studies and also the people that person is speaking to. In order to be a great English speaker, both the learning methods are called for. Notably, it is valid when traveling

Improves writing skills

One of the most effective methods to master a foreign language is to keep writing it; as the three Rs of human civilization are reading, writing, and arithmetic. And the more one writes, the more familiarity and exposure to a foreign that person will be getting. It immensely helps in building comprehension skills and eventually boosts the creativity of a learner.

Writing aids the process of acquiring the basics of a foreign language like English to a great extent in a formal learning environment like a classroom. Much like the early education days, when taking new language lessons as an adult learner, consistent and concrete effort will help to strengthen the vocabulary and the word usage of a language student. Gradually simple words will magically transform into complex, yet deeply meaningful phrases and one will never run out of the supply of all the descriptive words required to become a successful creative writer. Much like trying to learn to play a new musical instrument, a person will not understand the tool that individual wish to play, until one tries it out and for hours every day. The same holds true for English.

Helps to appreciate classic literature and movies in the native language

If the past few centuries are taken into account, a vast majority of the famous works created in the arena of literature and film around the world were done in English. While one can read translated literary works and watch sub-titled movies, they are often unable to reproduce the original flavor and mood of the parent products. These botched reproductions make it extremely tough to appreciate and enjoy some of the timeless creations of English-speaking artists ranging from Stephen King to Shakespeare. From Scorsese to Hitchcock, to genuinely admire a magnificent work of art it is in the best interest of the admirer to experience them in their native forms. Another major advantage one gets from studying English is the proper and thorough knowledge of popular culture. If someone has something to talk about some of the most watched movies ever made in the English-speaking world in the present time, that person instantly becomes socially relatable and integrable to millions of English-speaking peers globally, which in turns helps to make new friends and offer more speaking and learning opportunities.

Provides with immigration benefits

If someone does not speak English, that person is most likely to face lots of difficulties when immigrating to Anglophonic countries. In the USA, an alien must pass an examination taken in English, to be considered for citizenship. Furthermore; without a good grasp in the said language, the chances of finding any employment, let alone a suitable one; become exceptionally slim in the job markets of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Additionally, inadequate or insufficient or any knowledge at all about this language prevents one from socially integrate into the vibrant lives of the aforementioned countries. From buying groceries at the supermarket, purchasing a ticket at the bus station, or filling up hospital forms; English is required at every single place and in every single instance in such nations where English is the only or one of the official languages. For some immigrants; some senior members of such families do not speak anything else except their arterial language, i.e., their first language. Such people should be exposed to English by those who already know it so that the older generation that chose to emigrate from foreign soil does not feel left alone and could socially integrate sooner and better.

Other Related Benefits

Learning a foreign language like English has many advantages and the most significant ones are summarized below.

Improves cognitive flexibility

Bilingual people possess the ability to adapt to unexpected or new circumstances faster in comparison with the monolinguals, as picking up new language skills strengthens their existing neural wirings and also create new ones in their brains, which improves their ability of information processing as well as concentration

Enhances memory and consciousness

Once an individual has come across words or structures that are never seen before, one has to memorize and apply them, which strengthens the memory and also increases the creativity of that person

Reduces the odds of Alzheimer’s and dementia

The underlying causes of complex diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are yet to be known; nonetheless, medical studies have concluded that wading through the lessons of a language other than one’s mother-tongue, protects that person from the aforementioned mental disorders or at least decelerates their progression

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