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Write a letter to motherland or country

Here we are with a letter to motherland describing your feelings towards your country and how you feel about him. Read about a letter to motherland or country. Letter to motherland or country My Dear countryIndia30 July 2018 Hello Dear...


What is Coral Bleaching?

What is Coral Bleaching? Coral is actually an ocean creature. Coral reefs are beauty of the planet. However, due to the climate change and global warming, these coral reefs are in trouble. Corals are very fragile ocean animals that build a shell...

IELTS Preparation

Describe your idea of a perfect home

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 356 with Model Answer: Describe your idea of a perfect home. You should say: where it would be how big it would be what it will look like and explain why it would be the perfect home for you. [You will have...


My favorite Bird – Pigeon

My favorite Bird – Pigeon : The Pigeon is a beautiful and lovely bird I love Pigeon a lot; my favorite bird is pigeon Pigeons live in nests that are made of sticks Near my home, we have a Pigeon Nest I give those birds cereals,lettuce and...


Rhinestone Crown Tiara Wedding Bridal Party Hair Jewelry

Cheapest Product Available. Cheap Rhinestone Crown Tiara Wedding Bridal Party Hair Jewelry. Evaluate your cheap price with finest worth online store. Choose your very best price product with trust store shopping online. Doc Review : Rhinestone Crown...

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