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Short Essay on 'B.D. Jatti' (200 Words)

Full name of ‘B.D. Jatti’ was Basappa Danappa Jatti. He was born on 10 September, 1912 at Savalagi village of Bijapur district. At the early age of 10 years, he was married to Sangamma of Bhabhanagar in 1922. His father was a humble...


Home school versus formal education

Home school versus formal education The debate among many people is whether homeschooling kids is better than formal education. The former would be fruitful if home school is done the right way. Children adopt a customized curriculum provided by...


Tenses Quiz in English Grammar

Exercise for your English Grammar skills. You can check below or click this link for the English Grammar Tenses Quiz. Loading… The post Tenses Quiz in English Grammar appeared first on Your Home Teacher.


What is Coral Bleaching?

What is Coral Bleaching? Coral is actually an ocean creature. Coral reefs are beauty of the planet. However, due to the climate change and global warming, these coral reefs are in trouble. Corals are very fragile ocean animals that build a shell...


350 words Essay on importance of festivals in our life

Festivals are the important part of our culture as well as life. They teach us about your rich heritage, traditions and moral values. Festivals plays an important role in our life so to know about the importance of festivals in our life, read about...


Privatization of Professional Education in India

 Privatization of Professional Education in India IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION Education is the process of instruction aimed at the all round development of boys and girls. Education dispels ignorance. It is the only wealth that cannot be robbed...

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