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Short Biography of 'Subhash Chandra Bose' (180 Words)

‘Subhas Chandra Bose’ was born on 23rd January 1897 in Cuttack, Orissa, India. His mother’s name was Prabhavati Devi. His father Janakinath Bose was an advocate. In the course of struggle for freedom Subhas Chandra Bose formed...


5 Hot Jobs for Every Travel Enthusiast

Who does not love travelling, exploring new places, wondering across borders and having a joyful time in the midst of nature? There is a travelling bug insider every person, some of us embrace it while some ignore it. While few consider travelling...


Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing is a comedic play written by William Shakespeare. The play is estimated to have written around 1598 and 1599. The play was published in 1623 and included in the First Folio. Much...


Republic Day 2018

Republic Day 2018 India celebrates Republic day on 26th January every year. The day is celebrated on the honor of The Constitution of India. This year, 2018, we celebrate the 69th republic day, since 1950. Republic day honors the Constitution of...


Winter Season – Features and Facts

Winter Season is a very cold season and a  few facts about winter are added below: We can see falling snow and freezing cold temperatures During this season strong winds also blow all around Winter Season generally lasts for three months This...


My Family (4 Lines, Short Essay, Brief Essay)

My Family : Home is the best place in the world I love my family and I wish to be in my home always My grandparents and parents are so loving to me They take care of me in such a way that I never felt lonely Through them, I learnt being together is...


Republic Day Speech

Republic Day Speech Today, we have gathered here for the celebration of the republic day of our nation, as it is observed all over the country. The significance of celebrating Republic Day in educational institutions is that students are going to be...


The 6 Elements of Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain management is often a tactical pursuit, managing challenges and opportunities on a transactional basis, rather than holistically and strategically. This less than strategic approach is driven by both internal and external influences...


The Odour of Chrysanthemums by D.H.Lawrence

The Odour of Chrysanthemums is a renowned short story written by D.H.Lawrence. The novel pictures the life of Walter Bates, living in a mining district during the early twentieth century. About the Author D.H.Lawrence is an English novelist, poet...

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