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Short Biography of 'Vinoba Bhave' (200 Words)

‘Vinoba Bhave’ was born on September 11, 1895 in Kolaba, Maharashtra. His real name was Vinayaka Rao Bhave. His father’s name was Narahari Shambhu Rao. His mother;s name was Rukmini Devi. Vinoba Bhave’s early education was at...


Why Old Paper for Sale is Always a Good Idea?

Whenever semesters are over, most students quickly strike the delete button to erase everything to do with just ended academic calendar. But while most do it for fun, a good number have in many occasions attested to a fact that there comes a time...


Why is the Sky Blue?

Why is the Sky Blue? Ever wondered looking at the sky why it seems to be blue in color most of the times? The reason may be simple but surprisingly interesting. Let us know why the sky is blue in color and what is the science behind it? Usually, a...


Reasons for Water Scarcity

Reasons for Water Scarcity : Water scarcity is a major problem that is caused to changing lifestyles Excessive use of water is one reason for water scarcity Water resources are exploited for increasing industries and the same is polluted by...


Most Memorable Day of My Life

Most Memorable Day of My Life : The most memorable day of my life is my brother’s birthday I felt so happy seeing him near me My brother is a precious treasure for me Without him, life would be a lonely journey His birth is an unforgettable...


Las Vegas Vacation-tips, Tricks And Cautions

These “cautions”, “tips”, and “tricks” are offered to help make your Las Vegas Vacation as enjoyable, fast and easy to plan as possible. Whether this is your first trip to “Fabulous Las Vegas” or you are a veteran, you’ll find some...


Segregating Wastes

Segregating Wastes : It is important to segregate waste on a daily waste Segregating waste means separating biodegradable wastes from non biodegradable wastes By this means, the wastes can be sorted and decomposed accordingly The simplest way we...


School Annual Day Function

School Annual Day Function : Annual Day Celebration is a great event in any school In our school, we have a School Annual Day Function that is held in a grand way This year, we have invited our district collector for inaugurating the function I am...


What is Black Friday? Why we call it Black Friday?

Hi Students, here you can find notes/article for the “Black Friday”  We have provided 4 lines as well as full page article. 4 lines on Black Friday : The day after Thanksgiving is called the Black Friday. This day marked the hike of sales for...

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