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24 Interesting Facts about '26 January'

All Essay: 24 Interesting Facts about ’26 January’ skip to main | skip to sidebar 24 Interesting Facts about ’26 January’ 1. In India, ‘Republic Day’ is celebrated on 26th January every year. 2...


15 Interesting Facts about 'National Animal' of India

1. The national animal of India is the ‘Tiger’. 2. The tiger was adopted as the national animal by the Indian Board for Wildlife in 1972 in place of the lion. 3. It was selected as a national animal because of its presence in larger...


My Neighbour – 4 Lines, Short Essay, Brief Essay

My Neighbour : We live in a very lonely area outside the city We are in a big bungalow that is so majestic There are a few neighbor who are so helpful Our neighbor who lives next door is an old woman with her son and family She is a sweet woman who...


Building More Jobs via Marketing

With new construction on the rise, the construction industry is experiencing a shortage in qualified workers. As a result, many in the construction industry are turning to marketing and social media to find new recruits. Here are just a few ways the...


Letter to a Friend (About Exam Results)

Letter Writing is not a difficult task if you understand the format. Below is a sample of letter which can be used while writing to a friend about Exam Results (and other such informal letters) The parts of the letters marked in blue require your...


20 Interesting Facts about 'Banyan' Tree

All Essay: 20 Interesting Facts about ‘Banyan’ Tree skip to main | skip to sidebar 20 Interesting Facts about ‘Banyan’ Tree 1. The ‘Banyan’ is the National Tree of India. 2. It often refers...


Short Biography of 'Mother Teresa' (200 Words)

‘Mother Teresa’ was born on 26 August 1910 at Skopje, Macedonia. Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was the youngest child of Nikollë and Dranafile Bojaxhi. Her father died in 1919 when she was only eight years old. Agnes was...

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