Archive - February 2016


Taking CSR Seriously in 2016

Cost management, demand from the public and increased stakeholder scrutiny is motivating companies to become more socially and environmentally responsible. Operating businesses in a manner exceeding the ethical, legal, commercial and public...


Medical Isolating Transformers: Principal Types

Medical Isolating Transformers: Principal Types In medical settings it often is necessary to have several devices connected at the same time to a medical electrical system. In order to achieve this safely, the devices should be connected through an...


Accredited K-12 Homeschooling

 Whether you look at online learning from the aspect of cost, convenience or even feasibility, it scores over traditional schooling on all counts. That is exactly what makes online home schooling such a great option for students and parents as...


Short Autobiography of 'A Horse' (250 Words)

Now I am getting old and stiff in the joints. I like to mediate while grazing in the pasture. I think that was the happiest part of my life. At that time I had no work to do and could run about after my mother without any restraint. Most of my time...


Short Autobiography of 'A Rupee' (171 Words)

I am now an old coin. I have been in circulation many, many years. I have become dulled and worn and the lettering on my back almost rubbed out. But I can still remember my early youth. At that time, I was in Government Treasury. I was shining...

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