Archive - September 2015


7 Elements for Building a Successful Online Brand

In this digital era, any brand or business looking to grow must consider an online presence. Even those who rebelled against it few years ago realized its importance nowadays. Well, better late than never. However, developing a website and owning a...


Tips for Managing Your Global Supply Chain

In the face of competition and economic pressures, global supply chains are under more and more pressure to deliver their products at a greater value, on-time and at a lower cost. But if one link in the supply chain is broken, (for example, a...


Here’s Sony’s new business strategy

ReutersA pair of 3D glasses is displayed in front of Sony Corp’s new 3D Bravia televisions during an unveiling in Tokyo March 9, 2010. Sony revealed a new business strategy that is ambitiously targeting an operating profit of at least $4.3...


Strategy and Business Planning

Organizational Structure We help organizations identify the most effective organizational structure to achieve their strategic direction. Specifically we focus on ensuring the right roles are structured; contain the right people with the right...

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