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10 Road Trip Hacks for Turning a Car Ride Into an Adventure



Is there anything better than hitting the open road on a journey to adventure? The problem is that driving comes with frustrations and those are amplified when you spent a longer period of time behind the wheel. Luckily, those of us who are skilled in tackling road trips are happy to share the hacks that have made life much more convenient on the road.

Car Cooler

Do you hit the road often? You may want to check out a small car cooler unit. It will keep your drinks and snacks perfectly chilled, which means you won’t need to pull over as often to find service stations which are going to charge you over the odds for everything. You’ll only need to pull in to fill up the petrol tank and relieve your bladder. Perfection.

Petrol Prices

You don’t want spend over the odds for your petrol, so be sure to have a handy website on hand to find the cheapest prices in the area you’re traveling through. Ideally, you will have mapped out your entire route, which means you can factor in where you will need to find a petrol station. Planning is everything when it comes to a stress-free road trip.


It doesn’t matter how awesome your playlist is, you will all get bored of hearing the same music over and over. So, you should have some games handy to keep everyone entertained. Just check out the app store – you will find plenty of road trip game apps.

Spotify Premium

Another way to avoid boredom with a repetitive playlist is investing in Spotify Premium, which means you are set for listening to whatever music you want to and without the pesky adverts. You can create a multitude of playlists for each mood, simply choose a genre to listen to or put Taylor Swift’s entire back catalogue on shuffle. Whatever makes you (and your occupants) happy.

Pin Your Parking

If you are exploring a new city and you’ve parked your car, you may want to make your life stress-free by dropping a pin on the map where you’ve left it. You don’t need to worry about where your car is and trying to find it, you’ll have a step by step guide to get you back.


We’ve already covered the importance of planning your route, but here’s the thing. You’re going to need your online maps even when you’re offline. So, be sure to save it for offline use so you don’t need to be without it, especially at a crucial travel moment. There’s nothing worse than losing service and having no idea where your next turn is.

Repair Kit

You should be prepared for every eventuality, which means you need a jack, a spare tire, as well as fuses and bulbs. You want to be able to make any necessary repairs on the road. You might have break down coverage, but these are small jobs that you should be able to handle without running to a garage in a panic. Remember, the garage is going to charge you for the parts and the labour.

Don’t forget to pack an emergency kit, too. In case of a breakdown, you should have a high-vis jacket and triangles that will section your car off and let other drivers know you’re in distress. It’s just smart road sense to have a basic emergency kit at your disposal.

First Aid Kit

Injuries happen, so have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand to deal with any mishap. Don’t forget paracetamol, cold medicine, bandages, calpol, and any other items that may come in handy but you might not think to pack for your trip.


You should always have water in your vehicle – whether your car needs it or you do. It will come in handy, just make sure that you change it regularly. Water might not have an expiration date, but it isn’t always safe to drink after it’s been exposed to the extremes of weather.

You may also want to have oil, wiper fluid, etc handy. You can keep it safe and organised using a small shower caddy. It means you don’t need to worry about bottles rolling around the floor of your car.


Always pack blankets and pillows for any trip. It comes in handy for sleep, but it’s also great for people who get cold. Cranking the heat will affect your fuel mileage, but not everyone keeps the same temperature, so it’s handy to allow them to layer up so that the rest of the car doesn’t have to suffer.

Don’t forget to visit Kwik Fit and have your car checked over regularly, but especially before you tackle a long journey.

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