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International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day : International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19 November every year. The celebrations highlight the contribution of men towards family and the society. The objectives of Men’s Day focus on men health, gender relations...


'World Earth Day: 22 April' (240 Words)

‘World Earth Day’ is celebrated every year on 22nd April. It is an annual event celebrated by the people all across the world. First time, the World Earth Day was celebrated in the year 1970 and then started celebrating annually on...


A Child Called ‘It’ by David Pelzer – Book Review

The book titled A Child Called ‘It’ is written by David Pelzer. The primary concept of the book is to expose the trauma of victims of child abuse. The book shows how a child could lead a life hurting physically, emotionally, and sexually. The...


The Importance of Discipline in a Student’s Life

The virtue of discipline is an inseparable constituent in a student’s life. It defines adherence to a set of norms that ultimately help him in achieving success. The impulse to follow them may come from within, or induced by a parent or teacher;...


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She Dwelt Among The Untrodden Ways: An Analysis

The Poem She dwelt among the untrodden waysBeside the springs of Dove,Maid whom there were none to praiseAnd very few to love: A violet by a mosy toneHalf hidden from the eye!—Fair as a star, when only oneIs shining in the sky. She lived unknown...


How to Use Coupons to Promote Your Business

Coupons have proven themselves to be highly effective sales tools for every conceivable size and type of business. Because coupons “pull in the business” they have gained remarkable acceptance and popularity among astute marketing managers. A...


How to improve our studying skills ?

How to improve our studying skills ? Try to find a calm and peaceful atmosphere as your study place to avoid any kind of distractions Do not stay up for late night study. Lack of sleep will prevent you from maintaining concentration Underlining the...


5 Best Laptops under 30000 Rs in India

5 Best Laptops under 30000 Rs in India Looking for the best laptop under 30000 Rs? There are so many laptops in this price range that choosing the best according to your needs is a difficult task. So, to help you in buying the best, we have written...